Independence Day : It's Time To Be Real Independent



Independence Day is adulated each year on the 15th of August in India to celebrate the country’s freedom from the British domain on the same day back in August 1947. India accomplished freedom after a long Independence development, which started in the year 1857 and ended with the formation of Independent India in the year 1947.  We have fought for years and thousands of individuals have given their lives for the freedom of the country. Every Indian, despite the state or country he is living in, should appreciate the day with their whole heart. 

DesiPitara wishes every Indian national, a very Happy 74th Independence Day. May you all be blessed with a lot of happiness and do cherish this day as a memoir that this freedom has cost us heavily, so it’s our moral obligation to safeguard it at all fronts.

CLASH IN LADAKH (Galwan Valley):

On June 15 China claimed the entire Galwan Valley in Ladakh, the site of the violent clashes, including areas that are currently on India’s side of the Line of Actual Control. The escalation of tensions between India and China, which have led to the deaths of 20 soldiers, is likely to dent the bilateral relationship significantly.
Strengthening strategic ties with the US cannot cover up for the fact that India needs to make up a lot of ground in the strategic and economic spheres to reduce its inequalities in relation to China. India needs to strengthen its economic ties with its neighbours in South Asia and countries elsewhere that seek to reduce their dependence on China.India must work with other countries to destroy away China’s economic influence

Strengthening India

Boycott Chinese goods

"Boycott China" is the current anthem that resounds in India in retaliation against China's resentment. Amid the border standoff in Ladakh, there has been a clamour amongst citizens to boycott products from China.
To boycott Chinese goods and restrict Chinese capital in India are driven by some fundamental concerns. 
These include safeguarding national security by reducing Chinese financial and functional presence in strategic sectors like telecom; reducing import-driven economic dependence on China, which might limit flexibility in responding to aggressive Chinese behaviour; and finally, the overpowering urge to teach China a lesson.
India is not among China’s biggest markets. Out of $2.5 trillion overall Chinese exports in 2018, India accounted for around
$70 billion, roughly 3% of total exports.

So it may not be an easy task to quickly erode China's economic, but it's time to finally wake up for the NATION.

Boycott China Products

Be Vocal For Local

The “Make in India” campaign aims to make India the manufacturing hub of the world, challenging China’s dominant position in the world of manufacturing. Prime minister Modi has linked this to the creation of employment to encash the demographic dividend. Make in India has opened new doors for investment. In simple terms, companies will come to India to manufacture products instead of just marketing them here. This will create jobs for people, fuelling economic growth. This is where the campaign seems to be out of sync with the employment realities of India. Today India’s credibility stands out to be powerful than ever. The rise in the momentum, vitality and optimism is discernible and the stakeholders and partners are vividly embracing the mantra. A little more than 25 years ago, India embarked on a journey and economic liberalization that powered a growth wave unlike any in the country’s history. This culminated in the nation becoming a $3 trillion economy in 2019, and a quick look at the underlying fundamentals reveals that more is yet to come.


Indian Brands Taking the World By Storm

India brand global he Thought Leadership on Opportunities for Indian brands in global markets – 2020: ‘Indian brands going global - A USD39 billion opportunity’, was envisaged in collaboration with Google India. The report encompasses the international business opportunities for Indian players in select verticals for exports across products and services, along with an opportunity assessment for the next five years. The key verticals explored in the report include Travel providers (in air travel, accommodation, etc.), Consumer brands (in apparel, jewellery and consumer durables), Real estate, SaaS (software as a service), Media and entertainment (audio, video and gaming), and select other verticals (comprising digital classifieds and education (e-learning)).
Many Indian companies are doing remarkable work in their own field and they are surely on the verge to overtake many global companies in their field. As many as 155 Indian companies have invested $22 billion in the US, thus creating nearly 125,000 jobs in the country, according to a report issued by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) on Monday.

The fight  of a nation begins in the homes of its people!
On social media, there have been numerous calls to boycott Chinese goods, but such a campaign had been started to stop purchase of Chinese products after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
All that Indian economy needs is a change in mind-set (and judicial reforms) and Boycott China could be just that doctor would have ordered.
We need to use it as a psychological tool to bring a transformation and we will be on course to prosperity.
Although India has taken some steps to place restrictions on foreign direct investment from China.These steps will definetly bring growth in nation's economy.

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